This is the sequel to my Strange Like Me comic from over three years ago. The lil’ brow girl (that’s what I call her) is one of my most popular characters and I don’t know why it took me so long to feature her again. I’m not great with capitalising on a good thing!

I also have a little public service announcement: February marked the 6th birthday of Zen Pencils. It’s crazy to think I’ve been lucky enough to draw whatever I want and create stories that illustrate profound words for so long. All the comics have been free for you to read and will continue to be free. However due to financial pressure and having a family to support I’m asking for your help to keep Zen Pencils alive.

You can now pledge support on Patreon using a per comic basis, choosing between $1 or $3 per comic. I think this is a better system than being charged monthly as sometimes I don’t release a new comic every month. So now you will only be charged when I release a new comic, which might be in 3 weeks or 8 weeks – it really depends on the level of work involved. I think one dollar a comic is not too much to ask. The extra $3 pledge will give you access to my Patreon feed, which includes heaps of behind-the-scenes material on my cartooning process and other extra goodies.

As you’ve probably noticed, my comics have gone from short 2-3 page story bites in the beginning of the website, to long and detailed mega stories that often total over 10 pages – all drawn, inked, lettered and coloured by myself. They take the equivalent of weeks of full-time work to create and I can no longer keep doing them essentially for free in the hope I might sell a poster version down the road or that it might get collected into a book one day. I would love to keep Zen Pencils going and with your support, I hope you do too.


Thank you always!